Wednesday, October 22


. Wednesday, October 22


OK so they're not strictly new but I just want to write about Dananananakroyd before the world and its mother has heard about them. Admittedly a late comer to the party my ears have been ringing to the sounds of the 'Sissy Hits' EP all week and 'Pink Sabbath' is a mouth watering taster of the upcoming album. Said album has been recorded with producer Machine, the same producer as Dana tourmates Johnny Foreigner who have, in my opinion, one of the albums of the year. The band have recently finished touring with Foals and will release their album in the new year. Greatness awaits.


My favourite album of all time is possibly DFA 1979's 'You're A Woman, I'm A Machine'. Fact. The mixture of old sounding garage riffs and rhythms that somehow ended up sounding futuristic and absolutely brutal is still to this day a joy to behold, their absence truly is musics loss. However a new bunch of schizo noise punks are rearing their heads in Bristol and are sounding brilliant. Turbowolf mix huge riffs with pummeling percussion and synth-ey vocoder parts and heaps of drunken attitude. Calling to mind DFA 1979, Test-Icicles and The Faint can only ever be a good thing and Turbowolf go staright to the top of my 'To See' list.


Currently undergoing an intense A&R scrum in Britain are Hockey a soulful electro pop outfit with choruses Radio 1 must be getting hot under the collar for. It all sounds very Killer esque pop/ alt fun with great vocals and big beats backing them up. Having previously recorded with Talking Heads members and loved by Gang of Fours Dave Allen they don't seem the type to totally sell out as soon as the big guys start waving the cash about either. They play 3 shows in London in early December- be there so you can say so when they headline Reading festival (maybe).



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