Wednesday, October 22

Singles- Oct 20th

. Wednesday, October 22

Bloc Party- 'Talons'

One of the stand out tracks from ‘Intimacy’ this is a dark slab of agit-pop that Bloc Party really excel in. with the tension and scratchy impatience of the ‘Silent Alarm’ days ‘Talons’ sounds like classic Bloc Party but added into the mix is the more experimental drum machines and heavy guitars symptomatic of ‘Intimacy’. It seems Bloc Party will get lost amongst the other big hitters (Kaisers, Razorlight, Snow Patrol) but with tracks like ‘Talons’ you can see they are progressing with every album and becoming one of the best stadium sized bands in the country.

Port O'Brien- 'Close The Lid'
Bright Eyes tourmates and M. Wards favourite new band release a fantastically upbeat indie pop riot that sounds effortlessley fun whilst retaining Pitchfork cool points with it's rustic charms. Brilliant fun.

Laura Marling- 'Night Terror'
Thank God she didn't win the Mercury prize. Whilst Elbow were a well grounded and established band that will only benefit from the attention and scrutiny you can't help thinking Laura Malring migh have crumbled. So ethereal and ornate her songs are small citadels of beauty, barely holding themselves together and 'Night Terror' is no different. A slow burning epic it swirls and soars whilst remaining intimate at all times. Stunning.

The Virgins- 'Rich Girls'
Proving that NYC still has a pop side amidst the onslaught of the art influx of Brooklyn The Virgins are channeling a sound that is more indebted to The Strokes than Converse ever will be. Laid back funk pop is The Virgins brand of music and it's by no means bad but it all seems so unnecessary. The fact I could name you ten bands from New York who are better makes you wonder how this lot got any attention in the first place.

Golden Silvers- 'Magic Touch'
One of the bands who have 2009 there for the taking are Golden Silvers. Following the brilliant 'Arrows Of Eros' is 'Magic Touch'. A more slow paced effort but still packed with al the melody and eccentric pop this is another good sign for the future of a very promising band.

'Night Terror'



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