Thursday, October 9

Singles Round Up- October 6th

. Thursday, October 9

Kaiser Chiefs- 'Never Miss A Beat'
Finally we learn what is repsponsible for Ricky Wilsons increased waistband- he has crisps for tea. Jamie Oliver would sort him out, maybe Ricky is pregnant like that girl from the show? I digress. That awful line aside this is a return to form for Kaiser Chiefs with a song as insistent and poppy as ever but harking back to the 'Employment' days and in particualr old B-Side 'Take My Temperature'. If Kaiser Chiefs sold no records and played toilet venues they would be lauded as indie geniuses- the fact their music sells the amount it was always destined to just irks the cool brigade. This is another pop hit to add the the Wembley set-list.

Jack White & Alicia Keys- 'Another Way To Die'
Is Jack White trying to make people hate him? Having spent years on the Detroit underground creating a mysterious and riotous band in the White Stripes he meanders into writing songs for Coca Cola and the occasioanlly amazing often indulgent Raconteurs, and now this? In it's favour 'Another Way To Die' is VERY James Bond- glamorous, sleek and confident. It is however very un-Jack White, a ramshackle blues riff machine. It all sounds very expensive and slightly soulless, Alicia Keys also sounds subdued- she has a massive voice in those lungs but do we hear it? No. As the Bond films get better it seems the soundtracks get worse.

TV On The Radio- 'Golden Age'
TV On The Radio hardly need any more praise lauded on them but here comes some more. 'Golden Age' is a glorious cocktail of ideas, innovation and melody- better still its nowhere near the best song on the 'Dear Science' album. in a world of money chasing careerists TV On The Radio stand head and shoulders above their peers and should be celebrated at every avenue.

White Denim- 'Shake Shake Shake'
This is how garage rock in 2008 should sound. With an eye on the past but with two feet and a shaking ass firmly in the present. White Denim craft an amzing blend of punk, rock, jazz and anything else lying around- these disparate styles combine to create a distinct and unique sound. 'Shake Shake Shake' is a stand out track from one of 2008's best albums 'Workout Holiday'. It's galloping beats, buzz saw guitars and frantic chants are symptomatic of the energy and vigour running through this band. Amzing.

'Shake Shake Shake'



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