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. Wednesday, December 8

More cliched blog action today in the shape of the ten acts I'd like to see do well in the coming year. For a bit of context, last year I tipped Everything Everything, Veronica Falls, Frankie & The Heartstrings, Dum Dum Girls and Lost Knives. Two have gone on to release superb albums, two have cemented their position as the most exciting new bands in Britain and look set to release brilliant debut albums in 2011 and one band split up - bastards. So, with the chances are that two of these ten acts won't see out the year, here are my tips for 2011...

James Blake

Having spent 2010 making some of the most ground-breaking, heart-swelling music to emerge in years James Blake now finds himself about to release his vocally led, mellow album. If his cover of Feist's Limit To Your Love' is anything to go by then his February due album will be spellbinding.

Trophy Wife

One of the leading lights of Oxford's Blessing Force movement, Trophy Wife line up alongside their peers Chad Valley, Rhosyn and Pet Moon as the new face of esoteric indie. Expect many 'boffin' and Morse references to follow them around 2011.

Odd Future

As likely to implode as explode, Odd Future stalk the internet like the unruly teens they are. Innovative, exciting, controversial and prone to getting grounded Odd Future's stable of young hip-hop artists are just the disruption that the status-quo of music needs in the coming year.


Twee? You bet. Beautiful? Even more so. Having written their debut album whilst sailing up and down the West Coast of America, the married couple that comprise Tennis blend the blazing nostalgia of their lo-fi contemporaries with the pretty elegance of Swedish pop. Tennis @

Jai Paul

A relative recluse, Rainers Lane resident Jai Paul takes the crate digging nature of music obsessives and combines it with the patchwork of cultural influences his label mate M.I.A made sound so vital on her albums Arular and Kala. Just one demo exists online right now but these ears have heard more and urge you to prepare for something very exciting indeed.

Esben & The Witch

Dramatic, windswept and elegant - Esben & The Witch are a band that need to be seen live to believe in. Expect them to spend the next twelve months making headline acts look sheepish and generally be shaking the foundations of everything in between.

Still Corners

Spectral beauty from this brand new London band. There is very little to go on right now but the elegance and hazy charm of 'Endless Summer' could see them becoming Britains answer to Beach House or Grizzy Bear.

Echo Lake

Similar to Still Corners, Echo Lake are dewy eyed even in band terms and will hopefully spend 2011 becoming a more assured and confident band. The lacerated grace of their early demos suggest that they could soon become vital.

Idiot Glee

Shattered doo-wop from Stateside loner complete with heart-warming qualities. Idiot Glee sounds like one mans quest for a hug, you suspect he might have more than a few offers in the next stage of his career.

Girl Unit

Wut? Heavy loaded bass act from London. With James Blake ditching his pitch-shifter to become the new Gary Barlow, South London's Girl Unit looks set to step into his spot and craft some of the most insistant and heavy, chrome plated sounds around.

Obviously ten is never enough so do keep ears, eyes and Save Target As fingers primed for the likes of Anna Calvi, Katy B, Whiz Kalifa, Cults, Jay Electronica, Joker, Yelawolf, J. Cole, Wu Lyf, The Neat, Cults, Korralreven and Factory Floor as well as the debut albums from Yuck, Active Child, Summer Camp, Twin Sister, Frankie and The Hearstrings and Veronica Falls.


Simon said...

Re James Blake: That's the fastest hype/backlash cycle I've ever seen.

David said...

No backlash, I like Gary Barlow. I'd listen to anything James Blake does - ska, bossanova, nu-metal: I'm there.

Anonymous said...

Wu Lyf are releasing an album too -

girl unit is TOP

no Young Montana? read this review please -

what ya think of Vondelpark EP out next week on R&S recs...
Vondelpark is the reason why I still listen to 'indie' music, but they're part of the new ''night bus'' music genre -

Blane Anthony Chapman said...

Loving trophywife at the minute microlite is a favourite tune, reppin it hard

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