Thursday, December 9


. Thursday, December 9

Two and a bit years ago I was fresh out of University and back living at home in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Looking for work and increasingly lonely I turned to the internet for something contructive to do. I decided, as a young journalist, that I would post all of my published work onto a blog and create an online portfolio. Indeed, if you check the very early posts of this blog you will find a review of CSS's second album (where are they now?).

That plan soon mutuated though as I discovered the world of blogs properly and realised I could create my own world with little more than a broadband connection and a keen pair of ears. Running this blog between September of that year and July 2009, posting anything and everything daily, gave me a purpose and was a welcome distraction from the four walls I was increasingly staring at.

Eventually, I moved to London (not by the sea) and found work (not boring). Things became less frequent and more organisation had to be used in order to continue the running of posts etc but still - it was what I wanted to do. I knew then though that the time to wind things up would come sooner rather than later.

So, it is today that I'm quitting the blog game and getting out while I still enjoy it. Blogs are brilliant and bloggers are brilliant but I no longer have the time to post and cover everything I'd like to, aggregating all of the great videos, MP3's and new band links, nor was I ever really someone who would dig something out of nowhere and shine some much needed light on it. My time is now taken up by running a website full time and writing for magazines, neither of which I could do without the skills I learned as a blogger. I don't want to run a half arsed blog, I don't want people to prefer the early work, I don't want to be the blog Morrissey.

I hope any regular readers enjoyed my ramblings on this platform that became way more than I ever expected it too. To quote James Murphy, take me off your mailing list, and (if you don't already) I urge you to spend time on wonderful blogs such as Fucking Dance, Abeano, Gorilla Vs Bear, Transparent, Pinglewood, Disco Naivete, Sweeping The Nation, Surfing On Steam, Nialler9 and Music Fans Mic.

If you're interested in my work then head to my day job or check out my online portfolio on Tumblr. I'm available on Twitter too if you want to get links of funny looking dogs sent your way.


David xx


Breaking More Waves Blog said...


As a regular reader (and fellow blog writer) can I just say how much I've enjoyed your blog. You reasons for winding things up are probably the reason most bloggers finish and as someone with a full time career outside of music, a busy social life and a family including 2 kids I fully understand the difficulties of keeping things going with a 'real' life.

Good luck with everything in the future. You're right bloggers are generally a brilliant bunch - very supportive of each other - despite their often variant tastes.

British blogging will be 1 bright light less without your blog, but hey Morrissey should have given up ages ago shouldn't he ?

All the best

Robin (Breaking More Waves Blog)

Andrew Mickel said...

Long time reader, first time commenter - that is a SHAME. As one of the few blogs to have a higher-than-50% hit rate for having listenable recommendations you will be missed.

If Fucking Dance vanishes as well then I'm giving up on the internet for music recommendations...

Arthit said...

All the very best for your future. Will continue follow you on twitter.

hendrik said...

so long. i feel you. thank you.
with the internet, you're never really gone. home is everywhere.
stay awesome.

Víctor Pérez said...

Thanks for blogging and I'll follow you on twitter.

Nick said...

Sorry to hear you're giving it up David. All the best for your future journalism exploits, I've enjoyed reading your posts.

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