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Cerebral Ballzy Q+A

. Wednesday, December 1

Last week I headed out on a cold Monday evening to watch Cerebral Ballzy play in Camden, thus missing episode 4 of The Trip. I wouldn't normally pass up the chance to see Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon try impression each other off screen whilst eating expensive food but then not every band name themselves after a physical disability. Suffice to say, CB owned the stage and even got a kid called George on stage with them to party - nothing special there besides the fact he was on crutches. An impressive sight if ever there was one. I caught up with lead singer Honor to learn a bit more about his band.

How are you guys finding Britain?

Honor: Well we found it already. The plane brought us here. Its been wicked rad though. Tonsa fun/ super cold.

Is it easier to skip subway fairs in New York or London?

H: Well it depends: You have to check out on both sides at most stations in London rather than NY's only upon entry. New York has low turnstiles as compared to London's chest high gate thing. New York has twatnugget cops as compared to Londons really nice/ passive bobbies. I've been
caught in both and in London they don't do shit but I've done it a billion times in NY soooooo i'ma give it to NY.

What are the main differences you find between the UK and the US?

H: I feel as if there's this gentile/ humane/ polite/ reasonable reasoning instilled in British culture that America lacks. There is a definite respect and establishment of history in the UK where as the US is full of makeshift pop-up bullshit. America's confrontational and England's really not.

Your live show is pretty full on, what injuries are you all currently

H: Abe's got a really bizarre rash (not on his junk), I chipped a tooth the other night, Jasons hand looks like mince meat from play guitar like a fucking nutcase, and Masons hand is swollen after a
fight we had after our release show (he also just got outta jail).

What does a typical day in the life of Cerebral Ballzy entail?

H: Hunger, girls, illegal activities, tonsa giggling, skating if the weathers right, BEER, Slayer at some point in the day.

What's the worst reaction anybody has ever had to your name?

H: Nothing too gnarly. Just alotta "what?" and "really?" customs sucks with it tho.

Your band motto seems to be 'Drink. Skate. Puke.' Would you agree that
is the best order in which to do those things?

H: Depends on the night. If im trying to skate for realz, I'm not gonna trashed beforehand. If I feel like shit from a hangover i might wanna puke beforehand. Sometimes i even puke before drinking.

What are your plans for 2011? ?

H: Finish an album which'll be SUPERRAD. we'll be touring hard (as usual) and be sure to come hang out with us. We just released a single on Moshi Moshi. EXPECT TO SEE US ALOT CAUSE WERE A COMIN.

Cerebral Ballzy's new single 'Insufficient Fare' is out now via Moshi Moshi.

Img: Alex De Mora.


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