Sunday, October 10


. Sunday, October 10

'Sup bitches, so looks like I failed to keep up with the new blog format after just one week. Too bad, so sad. Here is the best of what I've seen in the past week. Enjoy...

  • Warmest Chord, the clever new London label are releasing their second record with the very excellent Slow Talk. Coming complete with a limited edition screen print courtesy of Micah Lidberg this is an essential purchase, if only for the fact that 'Fashion Statement' contains the dinner party hating line, "I don't want to get to thirty because that's when I'll die. " which is pretty ace.
<a href="">Treehouse Politics by Warmest Chord</a>
  • Second up, Willow Smith a.k.a Rihanna meets Avatar has had her track remixed by a fan to include a verse from Nicki Minaj. This is not official but is pretty much the most zeitgeist thing in the world right now.

  • Kickball Katie of the very excellent Vivian Girls has gone solo (for a bit, new VG album due in 2011) and is calling herself La Sera. This is her very, very lovely new single 'Never Come Around'

  • Jarvis Cocker is doing Disco like it's 2000 with this new Discodeine collab.

  • Zola Jesus has ANOTHER new EP coming out, this one is called 'Valusia' and is a US only release. Here is a track from it called 'Poor Animal'

These New Puritans have teamed up with Main Attraktions, giving them '3000' to rhyme over. It's great.

Finally, this video pretty much goes to show why I'm more excited by Katy B than anyone else in the world right now. Her solo album can't come soon enough...

Img: Charles Negre


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