Monday, October 18


. Monday, October 18

Alongside the likes of Gold Panda, SBTRKT, Dam Mantle and Becoming Real, Seams has contributed to some of this years most interesting and intelligent new music. After cutting his teeth on the 'Juvenile Rush' EP and Nightcycles single, James Welch has at last hit his stride on 'Hung Markets', his new track which is free to download now. Taken from a forthcoming EP titled 'Tourist' Seams looks up to the stars and weaves the constellations together, making seemingly disparate sounds work together as one living, breathing organism.

Made in Berlin whilst James worked as an intern for Soundcloud (Explaining his very smart website) 'Hung Markets' will seep into your conscious and make residence for a long time to come. A mouth wateringly exciting preview of what is to come...



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