Wednesday, October 13


. Wednesday, October 13

There are very few constants in the world of music, even Oasis aren't around to claim their new album is "the best yet" anymore. Swedish pop being a giddy mix of sunshine and happiness however is so reliable you could put your house on it. Museum Of Bellas Artes take the chirpy, care-free spirit of their home country and filter it through a bouncy dance filter, eschewing the twee temptations of many of their contemporaries. Released in the UK through Transparent, the bands new single 'Watch The Glow' comes complete with a video directed by Jamie Harley (see below). I got to know Jamie a little recently whilst interviewing him for an upcoming magazine piece. For those who don't know, Jamie is a new music video creator who has made visuals for the likes of Twin Shadow, How To Dress Well and Memory Tapes. His cut n' paste visions alongside MOBA's music is a perfect mix...



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