Monday, October 4


. Monday, October 4

Later on this month James Blake will release his latest EP 'Klavierwerke', though it is available to stream on Spotify now. Seemingly not content with being one of the most forward thinking, boundary pushing producers in music today however - James also boasts one of the most soulful and fractured voices too. Combining the two is where his sweet spot lies such as on the track 'Measurements' from earlier in the year and again on 'Limit To Your Love' - the Feist cover which burrowed overground last week. Where Blake sees his future lying is anyone's guess (he is notoriously difficult to track down for press) but you can't help feel that an album of this sparse, stripped down vocal tranquility mixed with the warped, futuristic bass music he's so well known for could be a magnificent treat in a Burial meets The xx kind of way. Listen to Blake's take on 'Limit To Your Love', everything about it is perfect.



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