Friday, September 3

Internet Radio: A best of...

. Friday, September 3

So this blog has been a bit quiet of late. There are two main reason for this I suppose. 1. I'm really busy working at the moment so the blogging has taken a back seat 2. I've started a new Tumblr to put my journalism portfolio on thus losing about half of the stuff I used to post on here. The Tumblr URL (since you asked) is:

Anyway, I try to post a bit more and there has still been stuff from No Age, Warpaint, Kanye and Zola Jesus this week so let's not moan too much. I just don't have the time to go too in depth about things right now.

Some people that do however are a crop of people making amazing internet radio shows. I'm not sure where a podcast ends and these broadcasts begin but suffice to say there are a horde of these shows cropping up and each one contains loads of great chat and even more brilliant music. I've rounded up a handful of the best for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

1. Bloggerheads (Abeano)

2. The Digest (Neu Magazine)

3. John Hilcock's New Noise

4. Pingcast (Pinglewood)

5. The Line Of Best Fit Podcast (TLOBF)

If you can't find a new favourite band out of that little lot then good luck to you.

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Imran said...

@richardonslow just showed me this...Thanks for the shout out dude

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