Thursday, August 5

Vivian Girls - Two New Songs

. Thursday, August 5

Last week in my review of the Vivian Girls bandstand busking gig in London I mentioned how great the new bands new tracks are sounding. Now, via the medium of creeps filming girls at gigs, we can get a sneak peek of said songs. Below are the short and sweet 'Dance If You Wanna' as well as the super long 'Other Girl' live from Madrid and London respectively...



Illia said...

i just can't find the words to express how much i love these girls..
is Ali with 'em though? 'cuz i've seen her play with best coast lately

David said...

Ali has left Vivian Girls now and is officially in Best Coast. Vivian Girls new drummer is called Fiona, she used to be in the band Coasting.

Illia said...

aw ok thanks..

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