Wednesday, August 11

Summer Camp - Jake Ryan

. Wednesday, August 11

September is packed full of big new releases (Deerhunter, Interpol, Les Savy Fav) but one of the most exciting is the first EP from Summer Camp. Following on from the success of the single 'Ghost Train' comes 'Young' a more-upbeat, danceable set of tracks from the London based duo. Last week you saw an acoustic version of 'Was It Worth It?' from the back of a cab and here is another track from the EP. 'Jake Ryan' is typical of 'Young' being that it's drenched in nostalgia but with a keen eye on future romance.

*Note to self: Don't plan a blog three days in advance of posting. The internet will make you look stupid. Here is what I should have posted - Summer Camp's brand new video.



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