Friday, August 27

Alex Winston

. Friday, August 27

A pet hate of mine is bloggers telling you to listen to something because A&R men are loving it at the moment or that 'big things' are expected of a certain band or artist. So take this with a pinch of salt because 2011's Tips seem to be taking shape already and Alex Winston seems destined to be another Ellie/ Marina/ Little Boots style thing. What all these girls have had in common in the past is that compromise has ultimately stunted them with a need for commercial clout getting in the way of creating something unique. Alex has that je ne sais quoi at the moment, fingers crossed she holds on to it and veers as far away from processed electro pop as possible. Listen to her cover the much underrated tropical-pop of Jack Penate and completely make it her own complete with shivering vocals and just the right dose of quirk.



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