Thursday, July 22

Wu Lyf - Spitting It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God

. Thursday, July 22

I've never actually written about Wu Lyf on here before which seems vaguely unbelievable given that they're pretty much the most vital and intriguing band in the UK right now. Based in Manchester and currently giving Southern A&R men a taste of their own runaround medicine the band are setting fires in every heart and mind they incept. This brand new track just emerged on their site and typically comes accompanied by barely any additional info. Strung up tight yet playing fast and loose 'Spitting It Concrete...' comes on like Wild Beasts living up to their name, tearing down cage walls and ripping shreds from raw meat. Music rarely sounds this primal and practically never, ever sounds this good.

Check out the track now

Img via Dan Heron


Anonymous said...

pity they're just the product of a marketing exercise by a PR company. Long live An Outlet.

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