Wednesday, July 7

White Ring - Suffocation

. Wednesday, July 7

Last night I watched Paranormal Activity and pretty much ruined the concept of a good nights sleep for the next few weeks. Similarly terrifying is this latest slice of witch house to emerge from the barren branches of drag duo White Ring. 'Suffocation' is a ghostly, slow moving murder ballad full of tense atmosphere and a building sense of dread. There is a Los Campesinos! remix kicking around but they shine a light on the dark corners of the track, taking away the key element to its greatness (it is still worth a listen though). Also worth perusing is the track 'Roses' on White Ring's Myspace which is sort of like a haunted 'No Sleep Til' Brooklyn' with ghosts in the Beastie Boys house starting fires, slamming doors and dragging Ad Rock out of bed by his legs.



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