Monday, June 7

Veronica Falls Interview: Spinner

. Monday, June 7

Veronica Falls might look and sound pretty but underneath their harmonious pop skin lies a morbid streak as dark as the night. Take 'Beachy Head' their new single for example. A thrilling mix of surf-guitars and ear popping harmonies it may be but the man flicking the switches and making it sound that good? That's the grim reaper himself.

"That song is a Love letter to (infamous British suicide spot) Beachy Head," says lead singer and guitarist Roxanne. "I tried to imagine if Beachy Head had a personality how would it feel and I think it'd feel really guilty".

Considering that their first single, a brilliant ode to spectral romance, was called 'Found Love in a Graveyard,' might Veronica Falls be a bit ... obsessed? "The new songs deal less exclusively with death maybe but we're definitely interested in the darker side of things in life."

Meeting in London through mutual friends the four members of Veronica Falls (Roxanne, guitarist James, drummer Patrick and first time bassist Marion) initially bonded over a love of 80's indie act Felt who -- soundtracked their road trips -- and the Velvet Underground.

"We're always listening to Velvet Underground, just because they have such a massive spectrum of music that suits practically every mood you can be in." says Patrick. The newfound band took their love of Lou Reed and friends into the studio and began writing and recording songs.

"It wasn't a considered thing really. We started playing as the three of us and wrote some songs that we liked. After that we decided to get someone in to play bass and knew Marion from Glasgow so we basically taught her how to play," says Patrick.

James then adds, "We didn't even play a show for a very long time, we just spent time in the studio and practice space. The only thing that got us to do our first show was that some friends of ours were coming over from America and asked us to support them."

Playing their first gig just over a year ago with the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart at London venue The Lexington, Veronica Falls have gone on to hone their craft across the Capital as well as making Transatlantic jaunts to America. The band all agree that one of their best shows was at The Cake Shop in New York which culminated in a stage invasion.

However one London show stands out in particular and sees us returning to the sense of morbidity that follows Veronica Falls around, "We played a gig the night Michael Jackson died," laughs Patrick. "It was probably the best gig we've ever played. Just before we went on stage I got a text that said Michael Jackson had died and thought it was a joke and announced it over the microphone. The atmosphere definitely changed after that, maybe we channelled his spirit or something. It definitely wasn't just a regular gig in Brixton that night."

The band head out on tour with Teenage Fanclub this week as well as forthcoming support slots with the Drums and Slow Club. Here's hoping the worlds pop icons make it out alive.


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