Wednesday, June 23

Flats - Mucky Pup

. Wednesday, June 23

A lot of what Flats are about seems to be quite old fashioned, from their gnarled punk bite to their list of influences (Buzzcocks, Crass, PiL) none of whom have been relevant in our broadband and blog times. However, that nonchalance toward what is perceived cool is what sets Flats apart, that and the fact that they really sound like they give a fuck. Flats are a snarling terrier dog compared to the slow coach retriever of the perma-stoned sounds we're bombarded with daily. 'Mucky Pup' is the bands calling card, a 93 second blast of bilious rage and reckless abandon, sounding as much like it could combust as it could inspire. It might not sound new but it sure as hell sounds fresh.

Stream: Flats - Mucky Pup


Anonymous said...

Love it. Hello, Crass...

Anonymous said...

Big Band!!!

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