Wednesday, April 28

Zola Jesus - Somebody To Love

. Wednesday, April 28

I wish more people in music had half the magic and drama inside them that 20 year old Nika Danilova does. Going under the name of Zola Jesus she casts black webs over gothic canyons and howls at the moon above. She is what Alice Glass sees in the mirror, she is what Florence Welch thinks she sounds like. Her EP from earlier this year 'Stridulum' is a theatrical tour de force and she has just been announced as the main support on Fever Ray's forthcoming European tour.

There are many ways to immerse yourself in her world but check what ZJ does to a classic like Jefferson Airplane's 'Somebody To Love' to gain an insight into what a spectral talent we have lurking in the midst...



Alice In Wonderland said...

i love this. where can i find it

Amy said...

I love this, too. It's kind of scary!

TempiModerni said...

When I heard this played in Berlin by DJ Scary Lady I thought it was amazing and I had to ask about it.
"I can't stand" was even better, I'm totally conquered by this artist. I'm happy to hear she's coming in Europe.

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