Friday, April 9

First & Last #8 - Kisses

. Friday, April 9

Kisses are a boy/ girl duo from Los Angeles making the kind of laid back shimmering electro-pop that makes you dream of long Summer days and zero responsibilities. I caught up with Jesse from the band to talk about Usher, DJ sets, SXSW and err.. Limp Bizkit.

First band you ever saw live?

This is an embarrassing one....anger management tour w/ Godsmack, Limp Bizkit and DMX

What was the first instrument you played as a child?
I first played the Piano, then moved to flute and saxophone

First song you wrote as Kisses?
A song called 'A Weekend In Brooklyn'. It is not out yet but will be on The Heart of The Nightlife.

Where was the last show you played? How did it go?
KISSES has never played a show...just dj sets for now. Our last dj set was at SXSW at a party put on by the blog dudes at I Guess I'm Floating. It was awesome. The last show I played, was with my other band 'Princeton' in Norman, Oklahoma. We are on tour with Camera Obscura right now and it has been great fun.

First album you ever bought?
Not sure what this was, but Usher's 'You Got it Bad' single feels like it was up there...

Last time you were drunk was...
Last time I was really drunk was in Palo Alto when we played at Stanford. That show was crazy and everyone at the house we played at (called the enchanted brocolli forest) were extremely welcoming and nice.

First crush on a famous person...
The first crush that I had on a famous person seems to be escaping of my more recent crushes has been Eleanor Friedberger from The Fiery Furnaces. Zinzi knows all about it though!

The last band you saw live recently?
Not including Camera Obscura I saw the band Tanlines. They make excellent songs and their live set is a lot of fun.

Tell me about the first ever Kisses show

Last time you swore...
I'm sure it was yesterday, I swear everyday, especially when I am on tour!

First time you met your band mate(s)?
I met my brother very early in life...I met Ben in first grade and I must have met David in middle school.

Last film you saw...

The movie Major League was on TV in our hotel room yesterday. That is an excellent movie with some crazy outfits!

Bermuda, Kisses first single is out on April 19 via Transparent. Click here to pre-order it now.


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