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First & Last #11 - Summer Camp

. Wednesday, April 21

When Summer Camp first reared their heads in late 2009 they were one of the most mysterious 'mystery' bands around. Unlike some others who have become slightly less inchanting as they revealed their identity Summer Camp still seem like one of the most exciting new bands around. I caught up with the pair, Jeremy and Elizabeth, shortly after they released their debut single 'Ghost Train' through the flawless Moshi Moshi.

First band you ever saw live?

Elizabeth: The first band I saw live was Rage Against The Machine at Wembley, where I stood at the back and watched this girl with dreadlocks and the biggest jeans I’ve ever seen skanking for 2 hours. I tell everyone it’s Blur though, who were the first band I loved growing up. I saw them on their singles tour after my sister bought me tickets for my birthday. They looked a bit paunchy and tired, but it was still amazing.

Jeremy: An absolutely shocking post-rock band called Monsoon Bassoon. They had a clarinet.

What was the first instrument you played as a child?
Elizabeth: I remember playing a recorder at School. I think everyone did that, which seems very odd as unless you’re proficient it’s pretty much the worst sound in the world. Then I played clarinet really badly I think I practised about 3 times in 4 years.

Jeremy: Yeah, recorder times. Whoo. I graduated to the flute, but also never practised. We should form a wind duo when this pop music fad runs out of steam.

Elizabeth: Yeah great. A wind duo where neither of us ever practise. Sounds AMAZING.

First track you wrote as Summer Camp?
The first track we wrote is ‘Why Don’t You Stay’.

Where was the last show you played? How did it go?
The last show we played was at the Lexington. It was our first headline show, which was all terribly exciting The high point was probably our warm-up routine: singing ‘Eye of The Tiger’ in the dressing room with the band, keyboard riffs and all.

First album you ever bought?
Elizabeth: The first album I bought was UB40 – Promises and Lies on cassette when I was about 10. I remember dancing to it with my Gran in my bedroom. Rock and fucking Roll.
Jeremy: I'm going to lie and say Gracelands by Paul Simon.

Last time you were drunk was...
Elizabeth: About 4 years ago. I’m T-Total but the night I found out I’d got into Drama School I celebrated by getting very drunk with my housemate. I think I went to bed about 10pm, after ringing all my friends to enjoy the novelty of leaving drunk voicemail messages.

Jeremy: I'm not really into getting drunk, but I did have some very nice organic cider the other day.

First crush on a famous person...
Elizabeth: Damon Albarn. I didn’t really fancy him though, it was almost a perfunctory thing because I felt like I should since he was the lead singer of my favourite band.

Jeremy: Never really had a crush on a famous person. Too busy being a massive geek. People at school would be like "phwoar, so-and-so is really fit" and I'd be like "Sorry, not in a computer game, not interested".

The last band you saw live recently?
Elizabeth: Spectrals, who supported us at our Lexington show. I keep banging on about them but I just think that guy is amazing. I can’t believe he’s so young and so accomplished. Really exciting stuff.

Jeremy: Owen Pallet. Dude is the Hendrix of the violin. Or maybe the Brian May. Actually such comparisons are facetious. He's unique, one of the few performers to use loop pedals and not be boring, and writes incredible songs.

Tell me about the first ever Summer Camp live performance
Elizabeth: I would if I could remember it. It was a secret show and I think I spent the entire day quivering with anxiety. It was good fun though.

Jeremy: We also did do a couple of tracks acoustically at my last solo show at the Union Chapel which was really nice.

Elizabeth: Oh yeah! Our acoustic gig. God that was scary. I walked onto the stage paranoid I'd trip over, then went up to the mic and said "Hiya" in a Northern accent (why?!) and decided it was a good idea to tell everyone about how paranoid I'd been about said tripping over. No one laughed.

No one ever laughs.

Last time you swore...
Elizabeth: See first album question.

Jeremy: I'm a big believer in swearing after I stub my toe. Why do bad things always happen to good people!?!??!?

Last film you saw...
Elizabeth: ‘Cemetery Junction’. It wasn't great. So disappointing because I used to love The Office, but now it’s paled in comparison to the American version. Dwight Schrute is my hero.

: I'm currently watching my way through redlettermedia's pretty hilarious The Phantom Menace commentary. (Wow, I really am a massive geek).



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