Thursday, April 22

Dum Dum Girls - Pay For Me

. Thursday, April 22

Record Store Day was fun I suppose. I mean seeing so many people lining up to buy things that have been out for some time (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) still seems a bit odd and the blatant profiteering from the people who snaffled the Blur 7"s leaves a bad taste in the mouth but still, I got to see Caribou and Pulled Apart By Horses. In a shop. On a Saturday afternoon.

One thing I didn't see in Rough Trade was the Male Bonding/ Dum Dum Girls split release. To be honest that's probably a good thing as I would have bought it and sent my finances spiralling into debt and evicition a la Flight of The Conchords and their extra cup. One half of the release has cropped up online courtesy of the sweeter smelling (I assume) band involved. 'Pay For Me takes everything great about the DDG's album 'I Will Be' and distills it into a dangerously sweet three minutes of melody and abandon. Stream this black leather pop now...



Víctor Pérez said...

Very rewarding... They sound great.

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