Thursday, April 8

Clash Magazine: May Edition

. Thursday, April 8

The new issue of Clash mag is out now. I contributed a few reviews. As well as looking over the new Ash and Peggy Sue records I wrote this about NYC disco troupe The Golden Filter's mighty fine 'Voluspa'.

The Golden Filter - Voluspa (Brille)

Voluspa, taking its name from a Norse mythological poem about the life and death of Earth, is a stunningly cool and detached modern disco record. Glacial and smoky the sounds here are of a particularly Scandanavian ilk so it’s a surprise to discover that the male/ female duo hail from Brooklyn, New York. Geographical issues mean nothing on the dance floor though and this is where The Golden Filter truly reside. Much of Voluspa is restrained and held back, edging toward ecstasy but pausing on the biting point. This creates an atmosphere of perpetual desire and Studio 54 romance, something which a generation bored to death with knuckle dragging French house and hazy lo-fi come down acts should hold close to their shimmering dresses and glitter flecked hearts.




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