Wednesday, March 24

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

. Wednesday, March 24

Unofficial radio rips of this song have been doing the rounds all day today but now The National have released their brand new single 'Bloodbuzz Ohio' via their official website. It's not clear if this move was made due to people distributing the low quality radio copies or if it was always the plan but either way, free music from The National = a good thing.

I am lucky enough to have had a copy of 'High Violet' since last week and can assure you that it is another stunning entry into what is fast becoming one of the classiest band discographyies around. I interviewed Matt and Aaron from the band yesterday for a feature I can share in a few weeks. They talked High Violet, Obama, Springsteen and were as charming as they were hirsuite. Think that will be published here in about 2 weeks so keep an eye out.

Anyway, until more stuff leaks gorge yourselves on 'Bloodbuzz Ohio' by visiting


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