Tuesday, March 30

Kate Jackson - Homeward Bound

. Tuesday, March 30

Since The Long Blondes (RIP) split in 2008 there has been little in the way of new music from the groups collective members. Besides spotting Dorian Cox practically every time I go out there has been nothing to sate fans of the band who fell by the wayside in such sad circumstances. This changes today however with the first airing of singer Kate Jackson's solo material.

I heard last year that Kate would be coming out with new material under the name Madame Ray' so it was slightly surprising to see the Myspace URL under the name 'therealkatejackson' being passed around earlier this afternoon. Once inside though it's business as usual. Produced by Bernard Butler 'Homeward Bound' is a stylistic return to form for Jackson with cinematic scope and typically shrill but effective vocals.

Hear 'Homeward Bound' now @ www.myspace.com/therealkatejackson


Anonymous said...

Shrill? Shrill?!? Have your ear examined.

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