Monday, March 15

Jay Electronica - Exhibit C

. Monday, March 15

Jay Electronica has been something of a mystery to the world of hip-hop in recent years. Best known for game changing music like The Pledge (which sampled Michel Gondry's film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind's score) Jay's output had been, until recently, infrequent. Late 2009 come 2010 however and Jay has started to drip release his Exhibits and this third installment is the best yet. Many have aligned him with Nas, not least because he produced the Illmatic rapper on his latest album but also because the pair share a literate style working on a higher plane than the shallow bravado of mainstream rap.

Exhibit C is the sound of a man telling the world he's arrived. A song that begs questions like 'Where has this guy been hiding?' and 'Why was I so stupid to not know about him?'. It's pure power all the way through. Listen, learn, love.



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