Monday, March 29

First & Last #7 - Signals

. Monday, March 29

Last year the Mae Shi sadly split in half. Luckily the members who left went on to do different things. It was a bit complicated so I cleared things up with a diagram. Signals release their first double A-side single today. It's called 'Silverfish'/'What Dreams' on the ever reliable Moshi Moshi. I caught up with Jacob Cooper for a First and Last chat.

First band you ever saw live?

First band was technically No Doubt in a record store parking lot, but legit show was Korn and Rob Zombie in the Tucson Convention Center Arena.

What was the first instrument you played as a child?
Violin, then snare drum in school band.
First song you wrote as Signals?
May 2009, in Brussels, Belgium
Where was the last show you played? How did it go?
We played in El Paso, TX last night. It was really fun and at a place called Black Market with other awesome bands.
First album you ever bought?
Green Day - Dookie on cassette from Columbia House mail-order
Last time you were drunk was...
Five days ago in Austin, at the Panache Hangover show at Beerland

First crush on a famous person...
Winnie Cooper on the Wonder Years
The last band you saw live recently?
Aside from the bands we played with last night, I watched Slow Club from London play on Saturday night in Austin.
Tell me about the first ever Signals show
It was really sloppy and fun, and we had no idea what we were doing. We still don't

Last time you swore...

5 mins ago while talking to my dad about Health Care reform.

Last film you saw...
hahaha I think it was Avatar on my birthday. Everyone was drunk and I was so bored.

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