Saturday, March 27

First and Last #5 - Blue On Blue

. Saturday, March 27

Blue on Blue are a three piece band from East London. They like Alice in Wonderland, acid, Wezer and Pulp. They don't like Ewan McGregor and my questions (well drummer Samir anyway). Check them out on Myspace and read the interview below.

First band you ever saw live?

Dee: Belly, amazing band who were born out of The Breeders as it was Tanya Donnelly's first band on leaving them. It was at Newcastle Students Union and I snuck in despite being barely in my teens. Swedish band The Wannadies supported. The gig changed my life as watching people mosh, stage dive and hearing music being played live gave me a buzz that has lasted a lifetime since then.
Samir: Weezer
Billy: The Golden Horde

What was the first instrument you played as a child?

Billy: Melodica probably. Or penny whistle or metallophone or something. I dunno, there were always a lot lying around.
Dee: The recorder and the tamborine.
Samir: Guitar

First song you wrote as Blue On Blue?

Dee: The first song I wrote was Summer Daze. I was bedridden for the whole of august with swine flu. I had an incredibly high fever and the weather was really hot and murky and it felt like I was being tortured. I think Summer Daze was my therapy in trying to accept my summer was drifting away and I felt completely forgotten and left behind by the outside world.
Billy: Summer Daze. Well, the guitar line that is. Then I cheered things up a bit with Cinnamon Swirl.

Where was the last show you played? How did it go?

Samir: Novana (Blue On Blue side project). Shoreditch pretenders with strange hair thought we were the actual Nirvana and still didn't give a shit.
Billy: Catch - I sprinted to the gig, played for 20 mins, then had to run back to where I work, all in the space of a 'fag break'.

First album you ever bought?

Samir: Smurfs Go Pop. Not kidding.
Dee: Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusions I and II
Billy: Pulp - Primal, The Best of the Fire Years. - early, scratchy violin odd-ball disco pulp. Genius.

Last time you were drunk was...

Billy: Recently. Probably.
Dee:I did a Decasia Club Victorian Punk night at Jamboree Club and Novana played. We went back to Samir's flat and I remember a lot of red wine being present...
Samir: After Novana....

First crush on a famous person...

Dee: Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting. I was obsessed with him and met him when he was in the theatre in London. I went off him when he was rude to me when I waited for him outside the stage door. You win some, you lose some...and anyway, I think I creeped him out.
Billy: Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. Obviously.
Samir: err... what is this, a personality test for teenagers?

The last band you saw live recently?

Dee:The Homosexuals-legendary punk band fronted by the frontman of our generation-Bruno Wizard. He is my mentor, an inspiration, a poet and a true legend.
Samir: The Homosexuals
Billy: Dum Dum Girls. Not bad. Good Rolling Stones cover.

Tell me about the first ever Blue On Blue show

Billy:Shambolic and beautiful and cold. In a venue that looked like a bunker.
Dee: It was at The Social at the Fitzrovian Phonographic night which is a great label and cool club night. I think the most memorable part of our band history is our first ever rehearsal with Samir on drums. Halfway through, he set his hair on fire. Billy and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Last time you swore...

Samir: In about three words time: stupid fucking question
Dee: Crumbs, a lady never swears....
Billy: Recently. Probably. What?

Last film you saw..

Dee: I bought Pedro Almodovar's 'Volver' for a quid from Cash Converters the other day. Great film and it confirmed how Cash Converters is the best store in the world.
Billy: ALICE IN WONDERLAND LAST NIGHT IN 3D ON ACID. Probably the best film I have ever or will ever see.


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