Saturday, March 20

First and Last #2 - The Good Natured

. Saturday, March 20

The Good Natured are loved by everyone from Q to Popjustice and it's not hard to see why when you hear their epic folk pop tunes. I caught up with singer Sarah for the second First and Last...

First band you ever saw live?
I saw steps when I was about 10 haha

What was the first instrument you played as a child? Recorder
First song you wrote as The Good Natured? Our very last
Where was the last show you played? Tooting tram and social
How did it go? It was an old tram shed so it was an amazing venue but it was fairly quiet!

First album you ever bought? B*witched, I loved 'Rollercoaster'!

Last time you were drunk was... Last thursday

First crush on a famous person...Johnny Depp
The last band you saw live recently? Hot chip
Tell me about the first ever Good Natured show- it was in reading at the oakford social club, we messed up a lot, we weren't very good haha, it was fun though.
Last time you swore... This morning when I burnt my toast
First time you met your band mate(s)? Well my brother hamish when he was born, and I met george at uni in october

Last film you saw.. We had a SAW marathon one evening, so Saw 3!

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