Tuesday, March 2

5 Great/ unsettling things Perfume Genius said to me.

. Tuesday, March 2

Recently I engaged in some email chat with Perfume Genius. You might know him from last year with tracks like 'Write To Your Brother' or maybe more recently his brand new single 'Mr Petersen which is released this week. It's fair to say that P.G is a pretty interesting character, here are a selection of the best things he said in my interview and a link to read the full thing on Gigwise.

  • "I had this real compulsion to write music. So i sat down and did it. I don't mean to make it sound like some huge ordeal, like i was ecstatic and banging on the keys like some jazz bitch."
  • "I basically carry a purse too but its full of weird shit i will never need, like coupons for Netflix trials and books on "Sensuality."
  • "I can boil it (high school) down to smoking a pack of Newports 200 yards away from campus, dodging spit and death threats from many white people wearing backwards hats."
  • "I got fired because i didn't go to work, i took a bus to the city and sat down on a bench and cried. Straight up! How dramatic is that"
  • "I keep sketchbooks like any good homo should"
Click through to read the full interview on Gigwise.com

Here are both sides of Perfume Genius' debut 7" courtesy of Transparent.

MP3: Perfume Genius - 'Mr Petersen'
MP3: Perfume Genius - 'Never Did'


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