Monday, February 8


. Monday, February 8

So 'Odd Blood' is officially out there now for you to buy and own from today. This album leaked so long ago that it's actual release seems strange, almost unnecessary. It's an amazing album though and definitely one of the years best so far. The New Yorker's second record has lived it's life online so it's no surprise that the blogs and mailing lists hold some great Yeasayer treats. For a start the band have given both of their singles away as well as remixes. These aren't just any old singles either, 'Ambling Alp' and 'O.N.E' are big, kaleidoscopic bursts of light and fun- their remixes twisting the pure pop veins and taking them to opposite ends of the adrenalin map.

MP3: Yeasayer - 'Ambling Alp'
MP3: Yeasayer - 'Ambling Alp' (Memory Tapes Remix)
MP3: Yeasayer - 'O.N.E'
MP3: 'O.N.E' (XXXChange Remix)


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