Tuesday, January 19

These New Puritans - 'Hidden'

. Tuesday, January 19

Today is These New Puritans day for me. I'm interviewing them this afternoon then going to see them play at Rough Trade this evening so can't think of a better time to post my review of their new album from this months Clash.

These New Puritans/ Hidden/ Domino

If the phrase ‘Do a Radiohead’ means to give your album away for free then to ‘Do a Horrors’ will soon be used for when a band make a stunning album defying all expectations in the process. ‘Hidden’, These New Puritans follow up to ‘Beat Pyramid, must surely be an early contender for the Horrors crown. Fans will tell you how the quality of this album was to be expected but to many TNP emerged from Southend as pretentious, cold and heavily indebted to The Fall. Humble pie all round then as ‘Hidden’ boasts a parade of stunning moments from the bashment style beats of ‘Fire-Power’ to the solitary electrical confinement on ‘White Chords’. Showing clear progression and monumental ambition TNP have crafted a stark and dense knock out performance.



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