Thursday, January 21

Summer Camp

. Thursday, January 21

Mystery bands are big news in 2010. First Monarchy revealed themselves to be the artists formerly known as Milke, leading most people to ask who Milke are nevermind Monarchy.

Still to be unveiled are Silver Columns and the enigmatic Summer Camp. The latter of these two are building quite the buzz having sucked the corners of the world hype is created in with their sugary sweet harmonies and classic pop hooks. Nobody really knows who they are and the people who do are keeping schtum so for now all we have is the tunes.

With songs this good though who needs names and faces? Like many of their songs 'Ghost Train' begins by sampling an 80's movie before melting into a medley of charm and delight. Check the band on Myspace as no two songs sound the same, a rare treat in a new band.

MP3: Summer Camp - 'Ghost Train'

12/02/2010 - Summer Camp have been unveiled as Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey.


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