Wednesday, January 13

Memory Tapes Vs Gucci Mane - 'Excuse Me'

. Wednesday, January 13

Gucci Mane spends more time in prison than he does in the real world but luckily when he's tasting freedom he spends his time in the studio. Where as Britain gets Pete Doherty and his various spates of lockdown Gucci Mane is out making records like last years 'The State Vs Radric Davis' with a further two records to follow this year, tellingly titled 'The Appeal' and 'The Verdict'.

Memory Tapes lighted up our lives last year with his Seek Magic album, specifically the track 'Bicycle'. Now he has remixed Gucci Mane as part of Diplo's 'Free Gucci' mixtape. Including remixes by SALEM, Flying Lotus and Diplo himself this Memory Tapes re-edit of 'Excuse Me' is a highlight.

MP3: Memory Tapes Vs Gucci Mane - 'Excuse Me'


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