Wednesday, January 20

Ellie Goulding - 'Under The Sheets' (Jakwob Remix)

. Wednesday, January 20

By now you'll all be familiar with Ellie Goulding. If she's not trying to escape the ludicrous hype machine surrounding her then she's comparing exercise to sex so it's all go for her.

I'm reserving judgement on her until the album drops but my initial observation is that all her magic is tied up in production and studio trickery. Having listened to a handfull of tracks now it seems that the manipulation of her sweet but not exactly extraordinary voice by her producer Starsmith is what makes 'Under The Sheets Work' and the finest E.G moment thus far have come from remixers.

The original version of 'Starry Eyed' will become a huge hit - it's inevitable. That's no bad thing either as it's a catchy song and has a weird tribal drum bit in the middle that will sound funny blasting out of white van drivers windows. This Jakwob remix however ties the fractuous original together in a way that renders it's source irrelevant. The twats amongst us will note that this came out last year and that I'm 'late' posting this. That is true but really, I don't care.

MP3: Ellie Goulding - 'Under The Sheets' (Jakwob Remix)

The single now has a video as well...



jonnysilcock said...

David, you've posted Jakwob's Under The Sheets remix. Equally good, but not Starry Eyed.

David Renshaw said...

Oh yeah, this post has the wrong title...

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