Saturday, January 30

Chew Lips - 'Unicorn'

. Saturday, January 30

Much has and will be made about the fact that Chew Lips make electro pop and have a female singer. They have been chastised for sounding like so many acts who emerged in 2009 by people lost in a desperate bid to latch on to the ‘Sound of 2010’.

Fronted by the charismatic and stylishly detached Tigs, Chew Lips are perfectly placed between radio humping commercial pop and underground electronica. Bridging the gap between these two worlds means the band can borrow elements from both to create a sound that is familiar but contains enough invention and intrigue to ensure repeat listens. Speaking of intrigue Chew Lips have made the decision to ommit their two previous singles from ‘Unicorn’. This means that fans of ‘Salt Air and ‘Solo’ will have to cling on to their 7”’s extra tight as they are now part of the bands past.

Once inside ‘Unicorn’ you’re greeted by a stark vocal and glacial atmosphere. The curtain is soon whipped away however as pulsating beats make their entrance and power ‘Eight’ through to a triumphant climax. Chew Lips knack of writing a killer pop track is not to be underestimated. From ‘Toro’ to ‘Play Together’ by way of future smash ‘Karen’ this is a band who know how to marry a floor filling beat with memorable choruses and incessant hooks.

Hopefully the country’s obsession with their twisted concept of what is new will not scupper Chew Lips shot at the big time. Maybe they are treading a similar path to La Roux et al but they are doing so in their own way and you get the feeling this is the album the three members of the band would have made regardless of the past twelve months.

Ignore the critics, dismiss their opinion and forget their words for they are talking rubbish. Chew Lips are great and surely everyone knows electro pop is the sound of 1984 not 2009?


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