Thursday, December 3

Kid Cudi + Vampire Weekend - Cudderisback

. Thursday, December 3

It's interesting seeing the way in which the internet affects certain acts output. Rap and hip-hop stars are increasingly moving towards the more leftfield indie artists to achieve a wider demographic appeal and to claw their way up the Hype Machine charts.

One guy who, let's be honest, hasn't kicked off in quite the way we expected is Kid Cudi. Apropos of nothing he has lent a few verses to Vampire Weekend's 'Ottoman' right around the time Vampire Weekend are blowing up again ahead of next months 'Contra'.

The results are actually pretty good but you can't help wondering "Why am I hearing this?"

01-kid cudi and vampire weekend-cudderisb by BoringByTheSea


Anonymous said...

I adore Vampire Weekend, but this remix is not cool.

Popbleat said...

But he said the whole hip-hop joke song idea behind Make Her Say was basically all Kanye's idea, and went along with it. Cudi has always been about the 'indie' side of things

He's indie because he's not from the streets at all, he's from Shaker Heights, which is a predominantly white middle class area. So I wouldn't say he's trying to position himself in a particular place to attract the blogs, he's just being what he is and has grown up with.

Plus, the album is bloody good.

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