Friday, November 13

Win 2 Tickets To See Sky Larkin Next Week!- CLOSED

. Friday, November 13

Yes I have 2 tickets to see Sky Larkin next week and I'm giving them away for free, zilch, nada, nothing...

Sky Larkin get quite a lot of love round these parts but I've never actually managed to catch them live. That's all about to change next week though as they are playing within walking distance of my house so there are no excuses really. Rest assured though it will be a great and life affirming gig as this video ably displays.

As part of the Levi's Ones To Watch gigs Sky Larkin will be playing on Thursday November 19th at Hoxton Bar and Grill. Funny that they are 'Ones To Watch' given they've been around since Jesus was a child but lets not be snobs here- free gig tickets are available.So to see Katie, Nestor and Doug take to the stage in lovely new (free) denims and play along with support acts MPHO and Beth Jeans Houghton then answer this offensively simple and simply offensive question.

Q: What is the name of Sky Larkin's debut album?

  • a) The Golden Spike
  • b) The Golden Trike
  • c) The Golden Pike
Either leave a comment in the box below or email me the answer to me at where a winner will be selected at random.



tom wade said...

A) pair of tickets please.

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