Thursday, November 5

Some words on Jack Hudson

. Thursday, November 5

So you might have noticed I have a very nice looking new logo. If you're thinking I'm a MS Paint genius then I'm afraid I'll have to let you down on that front and instead tell you about the man who did it for me.

His name is Jack Hudson and he is from Bristol. He draws pictures like this
and this one of Grizzly Bear

and this is him on a mountian in Salzburg

He has a blog which has loads more examples of his illustration. You can find that here-

There is also a music video he animated for the Leeds band Tigers That Talked. If you like his style then you'll love this video. There is a nice symetry here too as TTT are signed to Bad Sneakers Records who I did a bit of work for last Summer.

So let's all thank Jack and bear him in mind next time anyone needs artwork, logos, animation, gig flyers or an egotistical portrait of yourself to hang over the fire place.



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