Thursday, November 12

The Maccabees Ft. Roots Manuva- 'Empty Vessels'

. Thursday, November 12

My favourite band of 2009 have teamed up with Roots Manuva to re-record the single 'No Kind Words'. The original National flavoured post-punk is injected with a healthy dose of inner city soliloquy courtesy of Rodney Smith and given a brand new title 'Empty Vessels'. Fingers crossed this will be how they perform it on the forthcoming NME tour with fellow blog favourites The Drums, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Big Pink.



Menace2Music said...

I just don't know whether to completely fall in love with this track, or give it another couple of listens before I openly start a relationship with it!

There is no doubt (I completely agree with you) that The Maccabees are one of the bands of 2009! I'm just about to put my TOP TEN albums of 2009 together on my blog (, and Wall of Arms is going to feature very highly!

Love the blog - keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

not available in my area ........... =(

Anonymous said...

anybody an idea where I download this song??? thanks a lot, Frank

Anonymous said...

there is a band called the liberty vessels who have a similar sound check them out >

Paul said...

love that song!
Just had a listen to "the liberty vessels". the singer sounds really like the maccabees. can't believe how young they are!
Definately ones to watch out for!

Anonymous said...

yer there very young and recordings arnt great
but there is something really pure and brilliant in there considering there only 15 .

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