Tuesday, November 17

Introducing... Free Energy

. Tuesday, November 17

Have you heard the new Weezer album? Scrap that, have you heard the last three Weezer albums? They're really not very good at all. What this means is that the rock-pop crown is there to be snatched and Free Energy might just be the band to do that. Hailing from Philadelphia the band make the kind of songs Rivers Cuomo used to write during his lunch break and then add a mix of glam rock anthemics and a healthy dose of credibility courtesy of their links to LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy.

Frontman Paul Sprangers describes a typical Free Energy gig as “Hot dancing girls everywhere. Sweat. Pulsing lights. Emotional Rescues. Fist pumps and rainbow disco lights. Eagle soaring solos. And really cute girls. And boys. And high-fives. Someone probably throws a beer at some point. There's definitely some heckling. And then a slew of fine ladies hanging out at the afterparty.” which sounds pretty good to us and states AC/DC as the band's career he'd most like to emulate.

Listening to tracks like 'Dream City' and the eponymous 'Free Energy' it's fair to say the band stand a pretty good chance of achieving their goals. Doused in a glossy layer of MTV approved pop the songs sound like instant classics, indebted to obvious influences but charged with an enthusiasm and unbridled sense of abandon you can't help but lose yourself in. When the band came over to Britain recently they won fans wherever they went and plan to return to charm even more in February 2010. First up though they've got to finish their new album currently entitled 'Stuck On Nothing' “Expect a mindmelting menagerie of twisting guitar harmonics, big catchy hooks, lyrics about going inside your mind into the city within, and cowbells.” says Paul.

Much will be made of the fact that Free Energy's producer is the beat maker extraordinaire James Murphy. Sprangers is not reluctant to talk about his famous friend though and says, “He brings a sense of unbridled excitement at the prospect of making recorded sounds and music that are equally or more exciting than the recorded sounds and music made by our heroes who inspired us and saved our lives through music. James, like us, feels a great responsibility to do right by the music that blew his mind open.”

Excellent songs? Check. Well connected? Check. Ready to party their way through 2010? You better believe it. Free Energy aren't just coming for your dancefloor- they're coming for your soul.

MP3: Free Energy- 'Free Energy'


Anonymous said...

Musically, they are a tad generic, but certainly not in a way that would make me move away from them. I can also see that tiny part which separates them from pop rock bands like the virgins and hockey, because they will produce some actual longevity.

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