Thursday, November 26

Frankie and The Heartstrings: 'Possibilities'

. Thursday, November 26

I don't think I've written about Frankie and The Heartstrings on here yet but I get the feeling that i will be doing so an awful lot next year.

I interviewed the band for a piece in the January edition of Clash Magazine and they are refreshingly funny and intelligent. They harbor old fashioned indie ethics and are compiling loads of beautiful pieces of the bands history at a site called PopSex Ltd. On there at the moment are things like the guest list of their first gig, recordings of radio sessions and a mixtape of influences.

I'l publish the full version of my interview next month when Clash comes out but suffice to say any band who can wax lyrical about Field Music, Brookside and describe themselves as having,

"Raw sexuality, animal intensity, and good time vibes."

Are a pretty big deal.

F&THS are releasing a double a-side on Rough Trade pretty soon, the video to the single 'Fragile' will be on here as quick as is humanly possible. In the meantime check below for the sound of said good time vibes.

MP3: Download 'Possibilities' via PopSex/


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