Friday, October 23

'Under The Sheets'

. Friday, October 23

OK, so blogging about Ellie Goulding as if she's a new act already feels weird which shows just how big this is going to be. Signed to Polydor records Ellie hasn't even headlined a gig yet (First one @Cargo in November) but has already supported Lily Allen and is set to appear on Jools Holland next week (Pretty much mirroring La Roux's start to the move for move). I've listened to 'Under The Sheets' so many times since I got it a few weeks ago and it sounds instantly like a smash hit. She seems more accessible in style and looks than many and the effective but potentially gimmicky vocodered vocals are sadly ripe for a 'hilarious' (read: mortifying) Katy Brand cover this time next year.

It will be interesting to see in 2010 if solo girls do as well as they have this year. I'm not one to attack Florence/ Little Boots etc (Some are though) but you can sense a backlash brewing. Success seems written in the stars for Ellie Goulding though and 'Under The Sheets' will be out on Neon Gold next month. The video was finally aired online today so take a look and see what you think.



Mistress Wanda said...

I think the Little Boots/Florence backlash has already started. I heard someone the other day say they used to like Little Boots until she started making expensive videos and wearing glittery dresses. Apparently they stops her songs being good too!

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Agree with Mistress Wanda. A backlash is already starting, which frankly we think is a bit silly.

Incidentally Ellie Goulding has headlined her own shows. Last month she did a series of relatively low key headlining shows across the country that had very little promotion. We saw her very first gig in Brighton. Review is here:

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