Monday, October 19

Bon Iver/ St Vincent- 'Roslyn'

. Monday, October 19

Originally on's 'New Moon Soundtrack Preview

Proof that Twilight has truly crossed over lies in the calibre of the artists involved in this album. A duet between Justin Vernon and Annie Clarke would have been a big deal under any circumstances so the fact that New Moon have managed to get the exclusive gives them an extra cool cache. Bon Iver, of course, is most famous for his album 'For Emma, Forever Ago' which details the painful break up between him and a lover. The album was recorded in isolation during a stay at a Wisconsin log cabin . Annie Clarke (St Vincent) is a Brooklyn based singer songwriter and has released two albums, 'Marry Me' in 2007 and this years 'Actor'



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Sounds great. It's just odd that such a teenagers movie can reunite so many good artists.

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