Monday, September 28

Introducing... The Morning Benders

. Monday, September 28

The chances are that if you like Morning Benders you won't be in a huge rush to mention their name to your friends, particularly in noisy or public places. Ignoring the social faux-pas minefield that is their name however The Morning Benders are one of the most exciting and prolific young bands around.

Despite looking strikingly young Morning Benders have been operating on the fringes of the US indie scene for a few years and released an album, 'Talking Through Tin Cans', in 2008. The album is symptomatic of the bands youthful take on The Shins alt.pop melodies and contains one of the catchiest songs of recent years in 'Dammit Anna'. That song was released in August as a single in the UK but Morning Benders are currently a band in flux. Having toured the '...Tin Cans' album the four piece from Berkley, California recently got into the studio with Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor to record their next album 'Big Echo'. There is currently one song online, the acoustic ballad 'Hand Me Downs', which the band say is very different to the album version.

Like we said earlier though this band are prolific. So in the interim before the next record there will be an EP entitled 'Grain Of Salt' released and if that's still not enough jangle rock for you then the album of cover versions the band recorded in their bedroom is massively recommended. Entitled 'The Bedroom Covers' the album features reinterpretations of The Velvet Underground, The Smiths and an excellent 'Lovefool' by The Cardigans amongst many others. The album is available to download for free from The Morning Benders official website and comes with an extra special Beach Boys remix.

The Morning Benders are a band who refuse to sit still, a band constantly writing, recording, performing and getting better all the time. Don't bet against 'Big Echo' being one of the breakout albums of 2010.


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