Monday, September 14

Introducing... The Drums

. Monday, September 14

As the heat and relaxation of Summer gives way to the bluster and leaves of Autumn you may well be in need of one last hurrah, a final sunshine fling to wave the season goodbye. If you want a band who conjure up images of beaches, iced drinks and devil may care attitude then look no further than The Drums.

Describing themselves as “Just chasing that perfect song” the band consists of childhood friends Jon and Jacob who met at a Summer Camp in their youth and have remained friends ever since. Lining alongside the duo are family members and friends, together they make gloriously upbeat, melodic pop songs that suggest fizzy fun and aching smiles but a light dusting of the exterior reveal the songs, such as the underground hit 'Let's Go Surfing', to be bittersweet laments of lost love and heartbreak.

This method of mis-direction was a deliberate move however explains guitarist Jon, “I think we're all pretty miserable people so the lyrics just tend to come out that way, but we're also tired of hearing everyone complain about how miserable they are so we try to disguise a bit.” before adding “We took what we love about music and wrapped it up in a way that we didn't think anyone had ever done before. So it's sort of like we were so tired of everyone being unique we wanted to make something more familiar. ”

The results are a brilliant mini-album 'Summertime' due out in October. Featuring an array of fast-paced and exciting melodic explosion such as 'Saddest Summer' or the excellently titled 'Don't Be A Jerk Johnny' the EP is a fine introduction to the juxtapositions and contradictions that fuel The Drums sound. The band play their first UK date this weekend in London before returning in October for a more extended jaunt.

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