Tuesday, August 11

Girls- 'Album'

. Tuesday, August 11

South California slackers make a lo-fi version of ‘Pet Sounds’. The stoner duo who comprise Girls may have numerous tales of debauchery but their music is jam-packed full of laid back melodies and psychedelic wanderings under pinned with classic hooks. If you can get past the similarities to Elvis Costello (‘Lust For Life’) and Glasvegas (‘Lauren Marie’) then the reverentially titled ‘Album’ is a treasure chest of influence and intrigue. From the Mary Chain aping ‘Hellhole Ratrace’ to what sounds like an off cut from the Grease soundtrack (Big Bad Mean Motherfucker) not much about Girls is original but they put their alchemy of sound through a sunshine filter and bring it out the other side and end up sounding unique and blissful.



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