Thursday, July 23

Tell me that you love me more...

. Thursday, July 23

Festivals. They're great but there's just not enough of them. Every weekend for 3 months is all well and good but I want a warm £4 cider and to see bands who would struggle to fill a Barfly every single day of the week. In two years time the whole of Britain will be covered by a tent and you will be handed a time sheet with your whole Summer's schedule on- mark my words. The times will be scheduled to change too. Make sure you pack the wet wipes.

One day festivals where you can leave your house (not tent) and go home (not to a tent) after the bands end make for a pretty sweet deal however. So this Sunday if you're in the Shoreditch area then why not pop along to 1234 and see the best East London has to offer? Yeah OK I don't know why The Rakes are headlining either BUT look further down the bill and there's plenty of treats. Including:

Hatcham Social playing the 'hits' from their underrated album 'You Dig The Tunnel...' including single of the year contender 'Murder In The Dark'

Patrick Wolf who is fresh from being SNUBBED by the Mercury judges yet again this week. Apprently he is working on a dance/ R'n'B album with Groove Armada. Hopefully he will air some Mutya Buena esque new songs during his set.

Ox. Eagle. Lion. Man will be plying their theatric Nick Cave homage in the afternoon. Always a fantastic live band OELM have been far to quiet this year probably due to Fred presenting on MTV2 and posing for pictures like this.

I'm also hoping to catch Televised Crimewave, Crystal Fighters and Lion Club. Tim Burgess will also be there still trying to convince the world he isn't 42.



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