Monday, July 20

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. Monday, July 20

Muse- United States Of Urasia
Hmm, first they steal the idea of seperating song parts and allowing fans to find them across the world from Nine Inch Nails (the below is 4/6th's of the song until the last 2 parts are found) and then when you hear the song it sounds like Freddie Mercury rising from the dead and promptly dying again. Have Muse jumped the shark? The two and a half minutes reveleaed so far are possibly the worst thing heard in 2009 after The Enemy and I never thought I'd say that about Muse. *EDIT- the full version is now online (9:10pm 20/07/09)

Jamie T- Chaka Demus
"Two world wars and one world cup, everyone drinks in the corner." Jamie T is in patriotic form landing somewhere between deprication and pride whilst AK-47'ing lyrics unrivalled by his peers. This is going to be the album of the year isn't it? 3 stunning tracks down and the full LP still to come, Jamie T owns 2009.

Friendly Fires- Kiss Of Life
Klaxons go samba? This new FF track is in aid of the 'repackaged' debut album (ie, all you slow pokes are finally catching up and the label want to flog you a more expensive version of what's been out for nearly a year). Nevermind though as Friendly Fires are going from strength to strength and whilst this offers nothing especially new it is still a fantastic, toe-tapping Summer anthem that should secure the St. Albans trio that next rung on the ladder.

The Cribs- Cheat On Me
After the pretty brilliant free download 'We Were Aborted' this feels like a bit of a let down, or a B-Side at most. It's good enough but nothing special and you can't help feeling The Cribs can do better than this. Johnny Marr's echoing guitars ring out nicely but Gary Jarman's strained vocals sound painful and there is a distinct whiff of 'Will this do?' about the song. Probably a minor blip but worrying that this has been selected as 'Ignore The Ignorant's lead single.

Mariachi El Bronx- Cell Mates
Note to Jack White: This is how you do side projects. Taking time out from shredding faces as The Bronx the So-Cal band have reinvented themselves as a Mariachi band. The results are somewhere between an advert for fajitas and a really beautiful little song. Plus going back to The Bronx makes them sound so much more ferocious. A wonderful surprise.



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