Friday, July 17

Everything Everything live at Vibe, Brick Lane.

. Friday, July 17

It's always been a pertinent question: What exactly do you need to do to make it in music? Some would say gig regularly, write great songs and the rest will come whilst the more cynical might say find an old genre 'bring it back' sign a record deal with a future raping advance and start thinking of your Live Lounge cover for Jo Whiley. The truth in 2009 is probably somewhere in the middle of that and Everything Everything are looking likely to break through having released two fantastic singles already this year.

Playing on a tiny stage in front of a banner for jeans accompanied by ominous phrase 'ONES TO WATCH' the Manchester four piece rarely seem comfortable. Perhaps it's the audible air of indifference from parts of the crowd or perhaps it's that the band are still in their infancy but first gear is never escaped tonight. That said, twinklings of promise glisten regularly. Essentially the middle ground between The Futureheads jitter-punk and fellow North East boys Field Music's intricate melodies and fey sensibilities EE make a curious racket. Vocalist Jonathan is the natural star of the band and juggles his melodies and instruments nicely. His band mates are slightly more anonymous but this is a band who let their music take centre stage. When it clicks, such as on 'Photoshop Handsome' Everything Everything are a joy to behold, giddy and frantic they make an eccentric clatter that is both unique yet identifiable. However these moments are fleeting and I did find myself wondering if yet again we'd been duped by a band with only a smattering of good songs and a whole load of filler. Time and a better setting will tell but as for now Everything Everything better dig those acoustic guitars out and get down to Radio 1 HQ pronto.


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